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MTB World Cup 2016

An adrenaline filled ride

Mountain biking is back in Val di Sole, in Daolasa, Commezzadura, Trentino!

A hot summer in Val di Sole, thanks to the
UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships...
2 adrenalinic and spectacular weeks, where the top riders in the world
will challenge each other on great tracks!


September 6th - 11th 2016
Daolasa - Commezzadura

a race against the clock in which the rider negotiates a succession of fast
and technical passages

September 6th - 9th 2016
Daolasa - Commezzadura
the new style of MTB racing where 4 bikers race downhill on a prepared,
BMX like, track, simply trying to get down first
August 30th - September 4th 2016
Laghetti - Vermiglio

one of the most exciting and spectacular MTB disciplines,
where the main factors are the stability and the control of the bike




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